We had a blast visiting Shirakawago and staying in Minshuku Otaya on December 26, 2017. The view in Shirakawago was breathtaking and the village people were humble and friendly.
Thanks to Gassho Travel Concierge – Yuya for helping us book Minshuku Otaya. My family had a great time staying there. The host family made us feel like home, the food was delicious, and the beds were very comfortable. Staying in a historical Japanese farm house was truly an unique cultural and memorable experience for us.
Furthermore, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Gassho Travel Concierge – Winnie for offering assistance when my husband forgot his wallet in Otaya. Winnie spent a lot of time communicating back and forth between us and Otaya’s host. She also noticed our hotel in Tokyo about this issue.  With Winnie’s help, we were able to enjoy our vacation without disruption and with peace of mind. We also appreciated that the host of Otaya promptly mailed out my husband’s wallet to our hotel in Tokyo and free of charge.  I am so glad that I booked my stay in Shirakawago through Gassho Travel Concierge. Will definitely recommend friends and family.
我們是在12月底拜訪白川鄉合掌村, 在那的兩天都在下雪, 合掌村真的好美, 感謝Gassho Travel Conciege幫我們訂到我們想住的民宿, 住在有170歷史的大田屋對我們來說是個非常特別美好的體驗。另外, 我要特別感謝Winnie的幫忙, 我先生不小心把他的皮夾(裡面有多張信用卡, 證件, 現金)留在大田屋的房間, 我們離開白川鄉後才發現, 還好有Winnie的幫忙, 她幫不會日文的我們跟民宿主人溝通, 她還很細心地聯絡我們之後到東京會住的飯店, Winnie讓我們可以很安心地繼續我們的旅程, 也很感謝大田屋的主人很快地把我先生的皮夾寄到東京並且沒有收我們郵費, 到東京checkin時馬上順利拿到皮夾, 讓我覺得很慶幸當初是通過Gassho Travel Concierge訂房的, 強力推薦GTC!
Elena Chan (Dec, 2017)
United States / Minshuku Otaya
Thank you so much for your help to find the minshuku Nodaniya..we were very happy that we could stay at the was very awesome to be there..the old lady is very kind..she is very helpful..and had prepared everything we need.
Shirakawago Village is very beautiful..when I was there, the village were covered with snow..and we found that really heavy snow was falling down…
Hope next time we can come back to that place…
Nana (Dec, 2017)
Indonesia / Minshuku Nodaniya

Thank you Yuya for taking the time to meet us for lunch and show us around some places to take pictures the other day. We enjoyed our stay there and have been telling our friends and colleagues about Shirakawa-go and how we booked our place to stay through your website. They like the pictures of the beautiful scenery. Good thing it snowed while we were there!

Imelda (Nov, 2017)
Malaysia / Minshuku Nodaniya

It seems to be late for my review/feedback, but I would like to say a million thanks to Yuya, Winnie and Gassho Travel Concierge for helping to organize and making the reservation for Gensaku Mishuku and the bus ticket to Shirakawago.

Your assistance is very impressing us since the beginning. The owner of Gensaku is so kind and nice to us even though there was a language barrier. The food was very nice and the house was very clean. We have been enjoying with Japanese’s traditional and warm welcome from the owner and make us having unforgotten experience.

For sure, if we have the opportunity, we will come back to Shirakawago and staying with you.. the most favorite place of our trip

Unfortunately, my daughter lost the sticker during this trip in Osaka, however, she was enjoy it a lot.

Jutatip T. (Nov, 2017)
Thailand / Minshuku Gensaku
It was a fantastic trip to Shirakawa-go during my 2 days stay in mid-end November 2017.
I first came across Gassho Travel Concierge on a random online search, it was a fuss-free experience and they were really helpful and respond promptly on our booking request. It was fully booked initially but I was lucky enough to secure the accommodation on my travel timeline. I stayed one night in Gensaku (源作) with my wife. The owners only understands minimum English but they were friendly and helpful. The accommodation was very cozy and clean. The food was awesome and It was a very good way to experience the local way of lifestyle.
And the best highlights of my trip there – I get to see 2 seasons in just 2 days during my stay there!
We arrived late afternoon on the first day and it was drizzling, with beautiful autumn colours of yellow and red hues in the village. We walked around a little bit after checked in but it gets dark very soon. We decided to have an early night so we can head up the observation first thing early the next day for some nice photos. So we got up at 5am, while opening the front door leaving the house, we were ABSOLUTELY SHOCK to see the whole village covered in snow! It was absolutely stunning as we make our way to the observation deck; it was a COMPLETELY different world from yesterday! And we were VERY LUCKY to experience such magical transformation of Shirakawa-go in just 2 days!
Charlez (Nov, 2017)
Singapore / Minshuku Gensaku
Ruei (Dec, 2017)
Taiwan / Minshuku Otaya
Karen (Nov, 2017)
Hong Kong / Minshuku Rihei
Visiting Shirakawa-go was one of my bucket list and thankfully Gassho Travel Concierge (GTC) helped me make it happen. Booking a place to stay there is almost impossible as I was travelling alone and language is also a barrier. The minshuku in shirakawa-go are individually operated and it’s hard to check with all the owners on room availability. And most of them don’t really want to accept single traveller. The other agency (Japanese Guest House – ) refused to accommodate to single traveller like me. Thankfully there’s GTC team who will go the extra mile.
GTC’s team – Yuya and Winnie helped me a lot in planning my trip to Shirakawa-go last month. Thanks to them, I managed to book a place to stay in Shirakawa-go in Ootaya. In addition to that, they helped me out with the seat booking of transportation as well. I will definitely recommend talking to them if you need your trips planned out and I am already telling my family and friends about GTC.
Chin Zen Xern (Nov, 2017)
Malaysia / Minshuku Otaya

It is a basic gassho house with clean amenities. Location is within walking distance from the bus stop. Clear instructions to the house was given upon request. Meal was delicious. There were 2 other families who came from Taiwan and Japan. We all became friends and the kids were playing together. It felt like home. The blanket given was fantastic and we were kept warm enough on a snowy day.

Chang Yee Er (Nov, 2017)
Singapore / Minshuku Gensaku
The host from Nodaniya was very nice! the dinner and breakfast was authentic and delicious!
it was a bit noisy at night from the other room of a group but overall the environment was so comfy and I could sleep really well.
Popo Hung Ka Po (Nov, 2017)
Hong Kong / Minshuku Nodaniya
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