Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Shirakawago?

Shirakawago is located in center of Japan, Gifu pref.
Please refer to MAP.

How to reach Shirakawago?

Please refer to  MAP.
Since there is no train station in Shirakawa-go, most of all guests drive a car or take a bus to reach there.

How can we make a reservation for bus?

Bus timetable and price

It seems like difficult to book the seats for foreigners,
so if you need our help, please feel free to contact us.

Is there any car parking area?

Yes, you park at Seseragi park, and set below address or telephone number on GPS.
(Address)  Gifu pref Ono county, Shirakawa village, Ogimachi 2495-3
(Telephon number)05769-6-3111


How long do we need to explore whole village?

Day trip: probably 2.5 – 3.5 hours is enough including lunch time
However, we recommend stay overnight here.

How to reach the observation deck?

Car: drive a car to go and park there.
Shuttle bus:Departure every 20 minutes from 9am to 4pm in the front of Wada House.
Walking:It takes 20 minutes on foot.

How can we book minshuku (gassho-zukuri inn) in Shirakawago?

Please click here !
Almost all minshuku are basically including dinner and breakfast.

Is there any other accommodation like Ryokan or Guesthouse in Shiraakwago?

Yes, refer below URL.
URL: http://ml.shirakawa-go.org/en/accommodation/

Is there an Information Desk?

Yes, blog.


We would like to know the temperature in Shirakawago.

Weather Forecast. Please contact us anytime because it depends on the weather situation.

Can we enjoy Cherry blossoms in spring?

Maybe you can see it from the mid of Apr to beginning of May.
But it changes the situation year by year. Please contact us anytime!

Can we enjoy Red Leaves in autumn?

Maybe you can see it from the end of Oct to mid of Nov.
But it changes the situation year by year. Please contact us anytime!

When can we see the snowing view in winter?

From Jan to Mar, usually.
But it changes the situation year by year. Please contact us anytime!


What’s kind of event in Shirakawago?

Mainly Sake Festival in autumn and Light-up event in winter.

Which date is the light-up event?

It will be changed every year. Official announcement will be most likely around in Sep / Oct.


Can we use Wi-Fi there?

Wi-Fi SSID: shirakawago free wi-fi

  1. First of all, select the above SSID and open the browser.
  2. And then press the “Connect” button. Then,
  3. Finally press the “Agree” button after reading the term of use.
Can we go to Gokayama from Shirakawago?

Yes, you can explore Gokayama village to take a bus.

To Suganuma: Bus timetable and price
To Ainokura: Bus timetable and price (only Japanese page)

I want to know something...

Yes, Anytime ask us!!
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