Announcement – Shirakawa-go Light-up event 2018


Announcement – Shirakawa-go Light-up event 2018 



Light-up event of 2018

Date Time
1st 21/01/2018 (SUN) 17:30~19:30
2nd 28/01/2018 (SUN) 17:30~19:30
3rd 04/02/2018 (SUN) 17:30~19:30
4th 12/02/2018 (MON)  



*Update Information from Shirakawago Tourist Association

Ticket for shuttle bus to the observatory and parking on light up event days:

*Be advised, we limit number of visitors to reach Observatory to avoid overcrowded and other accident or inconvenience that may occur.

Not all visitor will be able to reach the Observatory on that day. Also, due to situation of weather (Heavy snowing) you may not able to see the clearly view from the Observatory point.

We highly recommend you enjoying your moment in village’s area, feel the UNESCO Gassho houses building closely to get more joyful and benefits your time before illuminations time passed.
(Light up duration: 17:30 ~ 19:30).

  1. For Overnight guest (Guest who have accommodation in Shirakawago):

Please contact us as soon as possible by providing us below information. We will provide you detail how to have the shuttle bus tickets to the observatory.

Subject: Observation ticket for the guest who booked accommodation in Shirakawago.

  • Your Accommodation name:
  • Your booking name:
  • Check in date:
  • Your country (as your reservation):
  • Your phone number:
  • Your e-mail address
  • Number of guest as your reservation
  1. For Non-overnight stay guest: 

– We will start selling shuttle bus tickets to the observatory from 4:30 pm until sold out in front of JA grocery store on each event date. No reservable.(JA grocery store 2 mins walk on left side from Shirakawago bus terminal).
– Approximately 400 people can go to the observatory
– Everyone (from 6-years-old) needs to line up and buy a ticket.

If you have child with you, we highly not recommend you go to Observatory due to the crowd up there.

– One person can buy only one ticket, not possible to buy for other/group.
– The ticket price is 500 JPY/person round trip.  Pay in cash.
– Each ticket has specific go up and come back time, no changeable or choosing and you may have to ride on that specific go and back bus only.
– If you miss the shuttle bus which depart as the time showed on your ticket, you may not allow to ride on any other bus time. No refundable.
– If you lost your ticket you may not allow to ride the shuttle.  No refundable.

  1. Parking (If you drive and wish to stay till light up time 17:30 ~19:30):

– From 08:00 ~11:45 You must park at Seseragi parking (05769 61231 for GPS) with 1,000 you will have receipt for your payment.
– Then from 11:45 you must move your car (If you already parked at Seseragi) to Terao temporary parking which open from 12:00~till light up end
(5mins drive from Seseragi parking, ask staff for direction).
– Directly to Terao temporary parking if you arrive Shirakawago after 11:45~ (There will be staff on the road to show you direction).
– You may show your receipt from Seseragi parking to Terao temporary parking staff for free entry
(If you lost/have no receipt/just arrive you have to pay 1,000 at Terao temporary parking).
– From Terao temporary parking there is free shuttle to bring you to Seseragi parking as well as bring you back to Terao temporary parking. Please go to Seseragi parking if you want to get back to your car.
– Parking cannot reserve.
– If you have accommodation at Shirakawago then please park your accommodation’s parking.



All accommodations are fully booked, thanks!


Parking Area (Terao Parking Lot)

      1. Open hour from 11:45 a.m.

      2. Parking Lots: Approximately 500 lots available

      3. No entry and please drive back home when parking lots is full

      4. Free shuttle bus ride between Terao Car Parking  ⇄ Light-up area

Tour bus

*can click each website link of light-up bus tour!

 2. Booking start from Nov 13 (only Japanese website)


Important Information

Ticket of Shuttle Bus to Observation Decks:

       1. First-come, first-served basis

       2. Around 400 tickets available on each event day

       3. JPY500 / ticket

       4. First priority for whom staying at Shirakawa-go’s accommodation on each event day


Myozen temple

We have been to the light-up event in 2017 as a volunteer, you could see our blog: Light up event in Shirakawa-go 2017 for your reference. Base on our experience in the 2017, we summarized some FAQ for whom may would like to know.

FAQ: Car Parking

Q1: Is the parking free of charge?
A1: No, it’s need JPY1000/car. (Data from 2017, it may be change.)

Q2: Where I can know is it full parking?
A2: Only way you could find the sign in the entrance of the parking.

Q3: Is there any other parking near the Shirakawa-go we could use?
A3: No. For special arrangement, Terao car parking is the only parking available on the light-up day.

Q4: Where I can parking my car before 12:00 p.m.?
A4: Guests who come before 12:00 p.m. could using the Seseragi car parking (Parking fee: JPY1000/car). Guests should be noticed that make sure to move your car to Terao car parking before 15:00 if you would like to see the light-up event because the Seseragi car parking will be closed at 15:00 for the tour bus.

Q5: Except the free shuttle bus, is there any other way that I could get into the Light-up area from parking?
A5: The free shuttle bus is the only way that get into the light-up area. (For your reference, it takes about 5-7 minutes to the light-up area in 2017. Please be reminded there were also a long queue waiting for the shuttle bus in last year. Average waiting time for the bus: 30~40 minutes)

(Noticed that some information may be change in 2018.)


For the details about the shuttle bus to observation decks, it’s not announced yet. Please check the official website for any updates.

In our estimation, it will be an intense competition to get a ticket to the observation decks.
Let us make an assumption of the amount of people come and join the light-up event.

Big bus tour (by travel agency): 50 busess x 50 ppl = 2500 ppl
Mini bus tour (by local bus tour): 10 buses x 20 ppl = 200 ppl
Regular local bus (approximately 50 seats): 6 buses x 50 ppl = 300 ppl
My car (500 parking lots available): 500 cars x 4 ppl = 2000 ppl
Total: 5000 ppl

It has a possibility that 5000 people to visit Shirakawa-go in the light-up day and only 900 shuttle bus ticket available on one day. First priority will belong to whom staying at Shirakawa-go’s accommodation on each event day.  That means just less than 1/5 chances to get the ticket and go to the observation decks!